MSBuild – Access to the path is denied

The problem:

I was configuring a new build on Bamboo CI server for a ASP.NET application. The solution built locally just fine, but consistently failed on the build server. This was the error:

(BeforeBuild target) -> 
 error : Could not write Destination file: 
Access to the path 'C:\Bamboo\src\MC-BUILD-JOB1\MyProject.Web\Config\AppSettings.config' is denied.

The problem was in the following line:

<TransformXml Source="Config\AppSettings.Base.config" 
              Destination="Config\AppSettings.config" />

So basically the TransformXml task was failing because the file Config\AppSettings.config was checked out as read-only in the build server.

Fortunately there is an easy workaround. The trick is to apply the XML transformations to a temp file and then use the Copy task with the OverwriteReadOnlyFiles attribute set to “True” to overwrite the file Config\AppSettings.config:

<TransformXml Source="Config\AppSettings.Base.config" 
              Destination="Config\AppSettings_temp.config" />
<Copy SourceFiles="Config\AppSettings_temp.config" 
      OverwriteReadOnlyFiles="True" />
<Delete Files="Config\AppSettings_temp.config" />

Using build events to create nuget packages

In this post I’ll show you how to automate the creation of nuget packages using Build Events in Visual Studio.

Table of contents

The Problem

You want to create a nuget package for a class library in order to use it in different applications. You want to execute this task every time you build the project/solution.

The solution

In short, you need to create a .nuspec file for the project and then use a Post-Build Event Command Line to create the package.

For demonstration purposes I created a small class library project that contains my XmlSerializer class. I’ll show you step by step how to create a nuget package for that project.

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