Code Kata – Numbers to Words, using javascript and TDD

This code kata is based on the KataNumbersInWords kata – convert numbers into words:

  • 3: “three”
  • 159: “one hundred and fifty-nine”
  • 2400: “two thousand and four hundred”

Katas are a good way to learn/practice TDD and/or learn more about a particular technology – in my particular case I decided to to this kata to improve my javascript skills.

The purpose of the exercise is to write the code incrementally, one step at a time – starting with the simplest case scenario (1 digit numbers) and then adding the code to handle the other scenarios (2 digit numbers, 3 digit numbers, etc).

Assume that the input is valid (number).

Test cases:

  • 1 digit numbers
    • 0 should return “zero”
    • 3 should return “three”
    • 7 should return “seven”
  • 2 digit numbers
    • 10 should return “ten”
    • 14 should return “fourteen”
    • 20 should return “twenty”
    • 21 should return “twenty-one”
    • 56 should return “fifty-six”
  • 3 digit numbers
    • 209 should return “two hundred and nine”
    • 300 should return “three hundred”
    • 417 should return “four hundred and seventeen”
    • 560 should return “five hundred and sixty”
    • 698 should return “six hundred and ninety-eight”
  • 4 digit numbers
    • 3004 should return “three thousand and four”
    • 4000 should return “four thousand”
    • 5020 should return “five thousand and twenty”
    • 6300 should return “six thousand and three hundred”
    • 7111 should return “seven thousand and one hundred and eleven”
  • 5 digit numbers
    • 40000 should return “forty thousand”
    • 70393 should return “seventy thousand and three hundred and ninety-three”
    • 87654 should return “eighty-seven thousand and six hundred and fifty-four”
  • 6 digit numbers
    • 500000 should return “five hundred thousand”
    • 803308 should return “eight hundred and three thousand and three hundred and eight”
    • 999999 should return “nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand and nine hundred and ninety-nine”

You can see my implementation here (I’m using WebStorm v8 and JS Test Driver):

Download the code (WebStorm project):


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