Using Resharper to detect localizable strings

A few months I had to estimate how much time/effort was involved in localizing one .NET application. As part of this task I had to search for all the hard-coded strings in the source code that should be localizable, which is a tedious and very time-consuming task.

The good thing is that Resharper has good localization support which can save you many hours or even days of work – imagine having to go through all files and search for the strings manually! In this post I’ll show you how you can use Resharper to detect localizable strings and how you can enable or disable localization for a particular project, class, method or even an individual string.

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.NET Guidelines: Should I have one class per file?

I had this discussion many times over the last few years:

  • Should we have a class per file?
  • What about other types such as interfaces, enums, …?

Opinions on this subject vary a lot. This purpose of this article is to provide you some basic guidelines and why you should follow them.

Table of contents

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