MSBuild – Access to the path is denied

The problem:

I was configuring a new build on Bamboo CI server for a ASP.NET application. The solution built locally just fine, but consistently failed on the build server. This was the error:

(BeforeBuild target) -> 
 error : Could not write Destination file: 
Access to the path 'C:\Bamboo\src\MC-BUILD-JOB1\MyProject.Web\Config\AppSettings.config' is denied.

The problem was in the following line:

<TransformXml Source="Config\AppSettings.Base.config" 
              Destination="Config\AppSettings.config" />

So basically the TransformXml task was failing because the file Config\AppSettings.config was checked out as read-only in the build server.

Fortunately there is an easy workaround. The trick is to apply the XML transformations to a temp file and then use the Copy task with the OverwriteReadOnlyFiles attribute set to “True” to overwrite the file Config\AppSettings.config:

<TransformXml Source="Config\AppSettings.Base.config" 
              Destination="Config\AppSettings_temp.config" />
<Copy SourceFiles="Config\AppSettings_temp.config" 
      OverwriteReadOnlyFiles="True" />
<Delete Files="Config\AppSettings_temp.config" />

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